This is why CBD not THC.

THC is sick and crazy-making for some people (likely particularly problematic for people like me with that cluster of schizo/epilepsy/autism genes that risk mutation).

CBD will relieve anxiety, help your epilepsy and give you a serotonin boost and works as an anti-psychotic and pain reliever (dials back that horrible burning sensation caused by over stimulation which lots of people on the spectrum suffer from). It’s actually a genuinely outstanding, valuable medication for people with the sensory issues I have, not to mention an interesting up and comer in the line of cancer treatments. THC on the other hand is the chemical that gives you paranoia and is completely undesirable (in my opinion, in fact I’m allergic to it and I’ll spew if I have too much).

So rule of thumb, CBD is a great treatment but until it’s legal you’re gonna have to deal with patchy access to undeclared strains and an element of risk. So never smoke large amounts of marijuana unless you’ve tried it first.

In a country where it’s not yet legal it’s really hard to find out the name of what you’re getting and that’s bad news for smokers. It’s not so bad if you’re just a party smoker without any dodgy gene clusters but if you’re specifically trying needing to self medicate it’s a pain.

It’s important that teenagers who are smoking understand the neuroscience of it if they’re gonna smoke – and the particular risks and benefits – and show care. Especially if they have epilepsy, autism or schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder in the family. Because in New Zealand teenagers will often socially smoke an entire joint or more where one spot will do. Knives > perpetual joints. Pipes/cones > perpetual joints & the STRAIN MATTERS. There is this culture of excess and showing off around smoking habits that needless. Weed should be understood and contextualised. Over smoking and smoking the wrong breed of weed is a social problem when some kid gets traumatised by paranoia, vomiting or a temporary psychosis. But frankly I think CBD could be a really important medication in the future for kids who do have autism, epilepsy and more.

Know. Your. Weed and never ever smoke synthetic cannabis, it’s pretty much poison.

Neuroscience, Bitchez



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