Allopathy Versus Lifestyle Changes

Can I just say as someone who has had a metric fuck-tonne of complicated health issues in my life that I am sick of dealing with people who polarise allopathy and dietary/lifestyle and portray them as mutually exclusive when that is NOT what sick people need.
If you do that you are not helping.

We need pooled resources. We need to access the best of medical research, the best drugs, the best of research into diet, into lifestyle, into nourishing treatments and use them in combination with one another, we need personal, educated, publicly-funded personal health advocates, who can come with us to appointments and help us interpret the complex body of information we receive. I also reckon that could totally be sold to government as a win-win scenario re: funding such a project.

This is another reason I wish all of the articles on Scholar were accessible to the public. I know people have to be able to pay for their research, but frankly I feel like the public need access to all scholarly articles. Squeezing a grand out of online purchases of your journal article seems like a negligible funding source.


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