Metro Magazine Reminds Us All How Hilarious Rape Actually Is

(Reposted from The Daily Blog)

Metro Magazine; I bet they even know some actual women.


Trivialising rape and making rape jokes is covered in the definition of rape culture. Wahey! Way to go Metro. You just highlighted what the problem is by epitomising it.

No surprises that Metro won’t offer up the person who wrote that genius victim-blamey joke. Instead they’re hiding and dropping the phone – and no wonder. While they wring their hands and mutter something about how nobody appreciates irony, they’ve provided a perfect example of ‘what not to do.’ Let’s look at it.

When Metro infer that drunk women are responsible for their own rape who’s laughing?

1) Rapists (and you can bet there are a lot of them given the statistics), and

2) That portion of society who actually think accepting a drink is the same as handing out a free pass to get raped by any ol’ person; those who make it difficult for survivors to come forward.

Want to know who isn’t laughing?

Survivors who are too scared to step up for fear of being made fun of (check) and being blamed for their own rape (check). If you weren’t paying attention, Metro, that’s one in four women and one in eight men. I bet plenty of your own staff have been affected by rape and won’t be impressed.

Wake up Metro, you’re behind on the times. Say sorry for real or just STFU. When rape is so prevalent it’s pretty obvious that joke you’re making? Barely anyone gets it. And that’s a problem. So at the top of the list of things that aren’t helping? You.


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